Evolution of Supreme Mind


The evolution has so far been on the physical world. It was towards making random development of species and selecting best species. The species has been measured in term of speed, strength, survival techniques, and ability to adopt. The evolution has reached a crucial junction of time. One species has almost completely monopolized the world, and in the verge of exploring the universe.

Evolution is a natural force that can not be stopped. The evolution will continue to happen. Million years of evolution has achieved the perfection of development of mind. The mind is the key factor that made the human species the most successful species. The evolution has found its way towards the perfect species, THE MIND. Or we can say the brain.

The next evolution will not be in development in physical form, but in the brain. All human will continue to look the same but there will be separate species with variable degree of brain power. This aspect of evolution has been noticed from hundreds of years. There were sporadic attempts to segregate the species and allow the new supreme powerful species to evolve. The attempts were made in the form of religion and cast. The globalization has diluted this attempt.

The evolution is not in the mercy of human attempt and neither it can be stopped with global movement, it has rather accelerated.

Very soon there will be many human species will develop with supernatural power. Those human will look extremely ordinary human beings, but with highly evolved brain power. This has been already noticed in many part of the world. So far this has been occasional sporadic births and many time it goes un-noticed.

The normal education system may not able to spot the supreme minds, as the education system does not focus on discovering the power of the brain. And we don’t have the man power and understanding to spot the same. And the irony is if we spot it, we may not be able to stand it or feel threatened. The radical thought pattern that the brain will carry will be far beyond the understanding of the researcher.

However there is way to spot the supreme mind. The pattern must be observed to maximize the chances to spot the supreme minds. To understand this we need to understand the evolution itself. The focus of the evolution has been towards bigger, faster, better, happier existence. The trend has been so far to make a species with highest survival skills. The evolution so far has been focused on keeping the species alive, keeping the life form moving. That applied to human being too. But something has changed OR changing recently. The evolution is changing it course towards fuller expression of the existence. The evolution is focused towards emotional fulfillment. The emotion has taken the strong hold, and the emotion that is controlling the species now.

The fuller expression of the life form is focused towards happier existence, rather than a mere existence. The competition is in the sphere of mind. It is no longer material achievement that provides the safety and security but it is rather the understanding of the universe, the connection to the supreme consciousness is taking the center stage.

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